Pre-School (2-5 years old)

Our Pre-School occupies the entire first floor of our building. Children are encouraged to move freely between the various rooms: the Literacy and Maths Room, the Practical Life and Sensorial Room, the art room and the children’s own bathroom. The materials and activities available to the children in the Pre-School were designed by Maria Montessori specifically for this age group to support and develop children’s independence, their ability to solve problems, and their natural inquisitiveness. Most of the objects are made of natural materials to enable children to learn through touch, sight, smell, and hearing; there is only one of everything on the shelves, which promotes sharing and turn-taking. In addition to the traditional Montessori activities, our teachers regularly create new ones which follow the Montessori ethos and link to particular projects or topics. Children’s interests and needs are paramount and teachers follow, develop and guide where necessary.

Rest time: Children are encouraged to rest after lunch and many of the younger Preschoolers like to lie down in our sleeping bags, which are put out in our dimmed Literacy Room, for a sleep.

Nappies/toilets: Children in the Pre-School do not need to be toilet-trained. Those in nappies are changed regularly and whenever necessary. Those who are toilet-trained are encouraged to use the bathroom, with child-sized toilets and basins, independently – though staff are of course always on hand, should any help be needed.

Meal times: children who arrive between 8am and 8.30am are invited to have breakfast, consisting of a choice of healthy cereals, toast, porridge, water and milk. We offer a healthy snack to children in the morning (fruit, milk, water). At 12pm children have a hot lunch and at 3.30pm they are offered another, lighter meal; both meals are prepared daily in our kitchen.

To arrange a visit please contact us on tel. 02084252566 or email.